What is SEO and what can it do for your business?

What is SEO and what can it do for your business?


It is no longer an option for anyone to put their business online. In today’s world, overtaken by the thumb culture, it is a necessity. Across the globe, the first place a person consults when they are searching for a product or service is the Internet. As people have often said, Google knows everything. But it is one thing to have your business online and yet another thing to ensure people, especially those within or around your location, can find you. After all, there are millions of businesses online, struggling to be seen. What often makes the difference is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But what exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

In quite simple terms, SEO means enhancing the quantity and quality of your website to increase traffic through organic search results. It is a way to improve your website’s visibility and get more visitors (traffic) to it. If you have a business online and you want to get people to see your business and offerings when they search for products or services that you offer, SEO consists of several activities you can carry out to ensure your page appears at the top of search engine results.

Keywords Optimization is one of the most important elements of SEO. It means using the relevant words in your content in a way that matches the words that searchers would naturally use for their searches. Others include content quality, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability. These are the factors that Google and other search engines consider when they crawl through, and rank, pages and determine how they appear on search results. So, you must ensure you Optimize your website for your business to attract local buyers.


What can SEO do for your Business?

We spoke with a Maui SEO expert at Ocean Epic and they said starting a local SEO campaign is the best thing you can do for your online presence. The name of the game is getting your business on page 1 of Google for your industry keywords. This will lead to many more online inquires via the search engine results pages. The first thing you should know is that SEO is great for your searchability and visibility. There are a whole lot more search engine optimization can do for your business.

  • SEO is important for increased traffic.

Getting your site to pop up at the first half of search results means that you are likely to get more visitors to your site. In the first place, Google must trust your site for them to list it at the top of searches. And according to a recent survey, there are as much as 92% of all search traffic clicks on the first google search page. This means only 8% of searchers move on to the next pages. If you’re able to achieve this through SEO, you will certainly have more traffic coming to your page.

  • Affordable Sales Campaign

Search Engine Optimization is very affordable. Compared to paid ads, SEO will only cost a fraction and will prove profitable in the long run. Add this advantage to the fact that SEO is a long-term strategy, and you will enjoy great traffic which can translate to increased sales.

  • Enhanced User Experience

It is one thing to get a searcher to your site and yet another for them to find your site useful. This means relevant content, answers to questions, solutions to problems, a great interface, and the ability to get what they want with ease and convenience on your site. It is this experience that makes them stay on your site and move from page to page. It is also what makes them come back when next they need the same product or service.

  • Increased Local Engagement and Conversions

Imagine you run a plumbing service in Tampa, Florida and someone in the area needs a plumber. If they go online and search for “plumbing service in Tampa” and your page comes up at the top, that means one potential client. If you get that request, that is a conversion. Local conversions are one of the ways local businesses stay ahead. A successful SEO means you will be found by people who need your service near you and be patronized. Local backlinks and citations are also especially important here.

  • Ability to Measure Success

One amazing thing about SEO is that your progress can be measured. Using tools like tracking and analytics, you’ll be able to tell how many people visit your site, what they do, how long they stay, and whether they make a purchase or not.

  • Builds Trust and Credibility

Once you can establish authority on google search, your site becomes a trusted platform for users, and this also translates to your products and services. Once people find you trustworthy, it will certainly positively affect their perception of what you offer, and this will increase sales.

It is important to understand that online success is less likely with a proper SEO campaign. If you truly need success in your business, search engine optimization is a crucial decision to make.

Nearly all businesses today should take a look at the great opportunities available to them through the internet. If you do not want to get eaten alive by your competitors, you will start looking at putting your company on the web. Having web presence is more than just putting up a static information website. You have to make it interesting enough for your customers, both existing and prospective, to want to visit your site and do business with you. And then, with the hundreds or maybe thousands of companies that you are competing with for you customersí attention, you want to be able to direct as much of the web traffic to your site as possible in order to maximize your businessí earning potential. This kind of doing business online is referred to as ecommerce. Miami has a number of website design companies listed in its directories. Different businesses would require different services from these design companies in as far as ecommerce is concerned.

If you want to maximize your online earning capacity, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a company specializing not only in website design but also in search engine optimization. Miami businesses and other businesses in the South Florida, Palm Beach, Boca, and Fort Lauderdale areas would do well to get in touch with a professional web design company like the IMC Media Group. This company specializes in all aspects of online marketing including aside from web design, search engine optimization or SEO, and internet marketing services. Your investment in your companyís ecommerce website would largely depend on the kind of services you avail of. You can actually shop around and negotiate as to the price you have to pay on a particular project that you as the IMC Media Group to complete for you. In some cases, you might find that you would have to set up your ecommerce business in phases in order to spread out the costs for a period of time. Regardless of you what kind of arrangements you may want to have, you can discuss your options with the IMC Media Group to come up with a cost-effective plan without sacrificing the income earning potential of your website.

Before you go for your exploratory talks with the IMC Media Group, you have to do your prep work so that everything goes smoothly. You have to be ready with the specifics of the kind of website you want for your business. Most important is what you intend your website to do for your business. Do you want it to be able to generate business in itself or do you simply want to use it as a way for you to collect contact information from your potential customers so you can market to them face to face at a later time? Who are your target customers? What is your corporate image? These are just some of the questions you should initially have answers to before you set out to meet with your website design and SEO company. Armed with information about your business goals and strategies, your website design and SEO company can effectively craft for you a proposal that is attuned to your business direction.

Our white Label SEO Provider Review

Why Hire GreenGenieSEO.com Instead of Having an In-House SEO Team?

Hiring decisions are often tough. This is especially true with making a hiring decision about SEO. According to GreenGenieSEO.com, deciding between an agency and an in-house SEO team is also tougher. But, for those who are getting started and don’t know how to deal with their SEO needs, hiring an agency like GreenGenieSEO.com is more beneficial.

Below are some of the reasons why you should hire an in-house SEO team:

In-House SEO Does Not Have Broad Enough Skillset

Today, SEO encompasses lots of things. It is unlikely that an in-house SEO has all the necessary skills to take a full approach to the search marketing strategy of your business. There are some categories of skills that SEOs have. These include the following:

Link SEO – Each SEO would admit that backlinks have an impact on search rankings. This kind of SEO is a link genie, which helps sites escape from the link penalties, creating more powerful backlinks as well as curating optimized link profile.

Technical SEO – It takes a technical view and can optimize the most advance features of the site speed, fine tune the SSL, and optimize the ratios of code to text.

Onsite SEO – It is skilled at content features, which improve rankings. From tracking down 404s to optimizing title tags, they have full domination over the content optimization’s back-end. Aside from that, they can do keyword mapping and keyword research with good level of mastery.

It is often rare to find in-house SEO team with all those roles. With GreenGenieSEO.com, you can be assured that all of the categories will be covered.

In-House SEO Cannot Fix Bigger Time-Consuming Problems on SEO

Issues on SEO range from small to massive like complete content audit. If you have single staff for your SEO, yet your to-do list is very lengthy, you might need to work than a single mortal could accomplish in many years. Several websites, for instance, need new keyword strategy. In addition to that, the pages require new tags. This means that it isn’t a one-man work. If you hire GreenGenieSEO.com, you are hiring more than 1 person to do the job for you. If you have a big task that requires accomplishing, you might muster big forces within the agency that will help you out.

You Might Not Be able to Get SEO Results Instantly

In-house SEO has a limited amount of time like anybody else in your team. On contrary, companies like GreenGenieSEO.com are scalable. The bigger the issues, the more resources they could invest to solve. It means quicker results. Although any SEO expert will help you get results, the results that GreenGenieSEO.com can bring you are different and will definitely help you progress no matter how tough the competition is.

Hiring an SEO agency like Green Genie is more beneficial than hiring an in-house SEO team. You might worry about the upfront cost, but you will actually enjoy savings in the long run.

Cliff Dwellers in SEO

Back in 2008, I wrote a book for Chicago’s Lake Claremont Press entitled For Members Only: A History and Guide to Chicago’s Oldest Private Clubs – pretty self-explanatory title re the subject, but if I do say so myself, full of great stories about people, architecture and Midwestern social strata few of us get to see.

One of my favorites involves the Cliff Dwellers Club, which the Chicago Sun-Times reports this morning is packing its bags. (It’s not closing, thankfully. It just lost its lease.) It’s about the great Chicago architect Louis Sullivan and the end of his life, which he spent in near-poverty after a lifetime of brilliant work and squandered professional and personal relationships (including Frank Lloyd Wright, whom Sullivan fired).

A longtime Cliff Dwellers member himself, Sullivan spent his last years supported by club members who funded two projects Sullivan would complete shortly before his death —  the first a series of 20 plates that would illustrate his philosophy of architectural ornament, the second his autobiography.

In its soon-to-be-vacated top-floor-with-terrace space at 200 S. Michigan, there exists a small space (the clubhouse isn’t that big) known as “the Sullivan room” containing the desk where he wrote that autobiography. From my book, (page 243): For the autobiography, Dunning and Nimmons (Cliff members and distinguished local architects Max Dunning and George Nimmons) arranged for initial publication in the Journal of the American Institute of Architects in at least 12 monthly installments for $100 each.

These were windfalls for Sullivan, who at the time was having trouble pulling together the $9 a week for his room at the Warner Hotel. According to (Sullivan biographer Willard) Connely, Sullivan worked on his plates during the day (at the American Terracotta Co., where many of his designs had been modeled). After dinner at the Cliff Dwellers (his membership paid in full by architect members of the club) he’d retreat to the desk and chair the club provided him and write.

Sullivan died alone in his hotel room in April 1924, just three month after publishing the book he wrote at the Cliff Dwellers, entitled The Autobiography of an Idea. According to the club’s own history, one of the last people to see him alive was his old employee, Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s written that they patched things up before Sullivan died.

Creative people always need someplace to gather, especially in a tough economy where art seems to be the last thought in the world. And though I’m not a member of the Cliff Dwellers, for years they’ve graciously hosted The Society of Midland Authors (I’m a member) among many other independent groups and creatives. They’re keeping their core mission alive, and always with a sense of fun and warmth.

Now in their 105th year, I really hope the Cliff Dwellers’ latest clubhouse search (for those who remember, they were at Orchestra Hall until 1996) gives them a chance to renew their ties to Chicago’s cultural community and perhaps draw new members and attendees who can benefit from their history. I also hope they find another killer view like this: